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Example 1
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 * Build codec infos based on a component name of a manifest
 * It will retrieve {@link SipManager#META_LIB_NAME} and {@link SipManager#META_LIB_INIT_FACTORY} from the meta datas of the component
 * @param ctxt The current application context
 * @param cmp The component name of the remote plugin application
 * @throws NameNotFoundException If the remote component is not found
public DynCodecInfos(Context ctxt, ComponentName cmp) throws NameNotFoundException {
	PackageManager pm = ctxt.getPackageManager();
	ActivityInfo infos = pm.getReceiverInfo(cmp, PackageManager.GET_META_DATA);
	factoryInitFunction = infos.metaData.getString(SipManager.META_LIB_INIT_FACTORY);
          factoryDeinitFunction = infos.metaData.getString(SipManager.META_LIB_DEINIT_FACTORY);
	String libName = infos.metaData.getString(SipManager.META_LIB_NAME);
	PackageInfo pInfos = pm.getPackageInfo(cmp.getPackageName(), PackageManager.GET_SHARED_LIBRARY_FILES);
	// TODO : for now only api-9 compatible
	File libFile = NativeLibManager.getLibFileFromPackage(pInfos.applicationInfo, libName, true);
	if(libFile != null) {
		libraryPath = libFile.getAbsolutePath();