javax.lang.model.util.SimpleTypeVisitor6 Java Examples

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Example #1
Source Project: doma   Author: domaframework   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
public ArrayType toArrayType(TypeMirror typeMirror) {
  return typeMirror.accept(
      new SimpleTypeVisitor6<ArrayType, Void>() {

        public ArrayType visitArray(ArrayType t, Void p) {
          return t;
Example #2
Source Project: litho   Author: facebook   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 4 votes vote down vote up
 * This method will "expand" the typeArguments of the given type, only if the type is a {@link
 * ClassNames#DIFF} or a {@link java.util.Collection}. Otherwise the typeArguments won't be
 * traversed and recorded.
public static TypeSpec generateTypeSpec(TypeMirror type) {
  final TypeSpec defaultValue =
      new TypeSpec(safelyGetTypeName(type), type.getKind() != TypeKind.ERROR);

  return type.accept(
      new SimpleTypeVisitor6<TypeSpec, Void>(defaultValue) {
        public TypeSpec visitDeclared(DeclaredType t, Void aVoid) {
          final TypeElement typeElement = (TypeElement) t.asElement();
          final String qualifiedName = typeElement.getQualifiedName().toString();
          final Supplier<TypeSpec> superclass =
              new SimpleMemoizingSupplier<>(
                  () -> {
                    final TypeMirror mirror = typeElement.getSuperclass();
                    return mirror.getKind() != TypeKind.DECLARED
                        ? null
                        : generateTypeSpec(mirror);

          final Supplier<ImmutableList<TypeSpec>> superinterfaces =
              new SimpleMemoizingSupplier<>(
                  () -> {
                    final List<? extends TypeMirror> mirrors = typeElement.getInterfaces();
                    return ImmutableList.copyOf(
                        mirrors != null && !mirrors.isEmpty()
                                .filter(mirror -> mirror.getKind() == TypeKind.DECLARED)
                            : Collections.emptyList());

          final Supplier<ImmutableList<TypeSpec>> typeArguments =
              new SimpleMemoizingSupplier<>(
                  () ->
                                  || superinterfaces.get().stream()
                                          typeSpec ->
                              ? ((DeclaredType) type)
                              : Collections.emptyList()));

          return new TypeSpec.DeclaredTypeSpec(
              safelyGetTypeName(t), qualifiedName, superclass, superinterfaces, typeArguments);