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VNote is a note-taking application that knows programmers and Markdown better.

For more information, please visit VNote's Homepage.

Check this showcase screencast to know what you could do with VNote!



Users from China can download the latest release of VNote from Baidu Netdisk with fetch code mnac.


Official Zip

Windows Build Status

NOT supported in XP since QtWebEngineProcess used by VNote could not work in XP.


VNote can be installed from extras bucket of Scoop.

scoop bucket add extras
scoop install vnote
scoop update vnote



Build Status

There is an AppImage format standalone executable of VNote for major Linux distributions. Any help for packaging and distribution on Linux is appreciated!


Currently vnote on openSUSE Tumbleweed can be installed from home:opensuse_zh project on OBS. You can execute the following command directly:

sudo zypper ar home:opensuse_zh
sudo zypper ref
sudo zypper in vnote

For other architectures, please search for vnote at

We don't support Leap 42 and below due to the Qt version. Please use AppImage or build it yourself.

Arch Linux

VNote on Arch Linux can be installed from the AUR as vnote:

git clone
cd vnote-bin
makepkg -sic

There is also a development version that tracks the latest master vnote-git.


Thank @kuznero for packaging VNote in NixOS. It should be available in unstable and unstable-small channels.


Build Status

You can also install VNote using homebrew, through the cask tap:

brew cask install vnote


VNote is a Qt-based, free and open source note-taking application, focusing on Markdown. VNote is designed to provide a comfortable editing experience, especially for programmers.

VNote is NOT just a simple editor for Markdown. By providing notes management, VNote makes taking notes in Markdown simpler and more pleasant.

Utilizing Qt, VNote could run on Linux, Windows, and macOS.

VNote Main Interface




You could help VNote's development in many ways.

PayPal: PayPal.Me/vnotemd

Alipay: [email protected]


Thank users who donated to VNote!

Why VNote

Markdown Editor & Notes Management

VNote tries to be a powerful Markdown editor with notes management, or a note-taking application with pleasant Markdown support. If you are a fan of Markdown and enjoy writing Markdown notes for study, work, and life, VNote is the right tool for you.

Pleasant Markdown Experience

Insights About Markdown

Markdown, as a simple mark language, unlike rich text, was born with a gap between edit and read. There are about three ways to handle this gap:

  1. As one extreme, some editors just treat Markdown as plain text. Users may lose themselves in the messy black characters. It is hard to keep track of the information of the note.
  2. Most Markdown editors use two panels to edit and preview Markdown notes simultaneously. It makes things easier since users could see a pleasant typesetting and layout while editing the text. However, two panels may occupy the whole screen and users keep moving eyes left and right which will be a big distraction.
  3. As another extreme, some editors convert the Markdown elements in place immediately after the typing, which makes editing Markdown just like editing rich text document in Word.

Since most editors choose the second way to handle the gap, people always think of preview when it comes to Markdown. It may be a misunderstanding about Markdown. Designed as a simple mark language, Markdown is intended to help to keep track of the information of the text when editing and provide a beautiful typesetting when reading after being converted to HTML.

Tradeoff: VNote's Way

VNote tries to minimize the gap and provide the best-effort WYSIWYG for Markdown via tuned syntax highlights and some other features. By helping to keep track of the content, there is no need to preview or alter the text immediately after being typed.


Notebook-Based Notes Management

VNote uses notebooks to hold your notes. Like OneNote, a notebook can be hosted on any location on your system. A notebook is designed to represent one account. For example, you could have one notebook hosted on local file system and another notebook hosted on an OwnCloud server. This is really useful when notes require different levels of security.

A notebook corresponds to a self-contained folder (called the Root Folder of the notebook) in the file system. You could copy the folder to another location (or on another computer) and import it into VNote.

A notebook could have infinite levels of folders. VNote supports copying or moving folders or notes within or between notebooks.

Simple Notes Management

All your notes are managed by some plaintext configuration files and stored as plaintext files. You could access your notes without VNote. You could use external file synchronization services to synchronize your notes and import them on another machine.

VNote supports both Markdown (suffix md) and rich text notes.

Syntax Highlight

VNote supports accurate syntax highlight for Markdown. Tuning the style of the highlight, VNote enables you to keep track of your document easily.

VNote also supports syntax highlight for fenced code blocks in edit mode in Markdown, which is superior than almost all current Markdown editors.

Syntax Highlight

In-Place Preview

VNote supports powerful in-place preview for images, diagrams, and formulas in edit mode.

In-Place Preview

Pleasant Image Experience

Just paste your image into the Markdown note, VNote will manage all other stuffs. VNote stores images in a specified folder in the same folder with the note. VNote will pop up a window to preview the image when you insert an image. Furthermore, VNote will delete the useless image files automatically after you remove the image links.

Universal Entry & Full-Text Search

VNote has powerful built-in full-text search with Regular Expression and Fuzzy Search support. The search could be executed within all notebooks, current notebook, or current folder, targeted at name or content.

Like the CtrlP in Vim, VNote supports Universal Entry to reach anything by typing in a simple input.

Universal Entry

Interactive Outline Viewer In Read & Edit Mode

VNote provides a user-friendly outline viewer for both edit and view mode. The outline viewer is a responsive item tree instead of a segment of HTML.

Powerful Shortcuts

VNote supports many pleasant and powerful shortcuts which facilitate your editing, including Vim Mode, Captain Mode, and Navigation Mode which enable you to work without the mouse.

Please refer to the shortcuts help in the help menu for more details.

Highly Configurable

In VNote, almost everything is configurable, such as background color, font, and Markdown style. VNote uses a plaintext file to record all your configuration, so you could just copy that file to initialize a new VNote on another computer.



VNote is licensed under the MIT license.