Phore Core integration/staging repository

Phore is a cutting edge cryptocurrency, with many features not available in most other cryptocurrencies.

17.6M phore was produced for swapping. 500k were mined 1-200 blocks to bring that amount to 18.1M PHR, the amount needed for the swap.

Unfortunately, the code was not properly forked on GitHub from the PIVX repository. This serves the same purpose. We forked from PIVX-Project/PIVX.

BCT Thread

Rebrand from KryptKoin [KTK] to Phore [PHR]

Coin Specs

Block Time60 Seconds
Difficulty RetargetingEvery Block
Max Coin Supply (PoS Phase)Infinite

PoS Rewards Breakdown

Block HeightRewardMasternodesStakersBudget
<2500007.7 PHR4.2 PHR2.8 PHR10% (0.7 PHR)
250000-5183995 PHR2.7 PHR1.8 PHR10% (0.5 PHR)
518399-10367984 PHR2.16 PHR1.44 PHR10% (0.4 PHR)
1036798>Infinite3 PHR1.62 PHR1.08 PHR10% (0.3 PHR)