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This is an algorithm library for Java, whose core is written in C++, linked with JNI.

It is test-driven(also benchmarks), well-documented, with code generation for some special cases.

Project structure

file name usage
jni C++ codes
code_drafts something written but not used ATM
libjni.dll/ jni library
jni/cpp-test C++ tests
src/main/java source(independent)
src/main/kotlin Kotlin extension library
src/test tests

The jni library above is not included in the repo, please build it yourself, or download at:

Put it to your working directory after download or build one.


Actually, every java classes are well-documented.
For more information, see JavaDocs in each java file or


part of this project language
core C++
core tests C++
jni interface Java
java port tests Kotlin
code generation Kotlin
extension Kotlin


There is a README file under jni path, it's strongly-recommended right read that.

This library is Test-driven, so there are tests for every class. If you want to contribute, please offer tests for your classes.

Rules of contribution