OpenGenus Quark: World's first Offline Search Engine

This is the World's first Offline code Search Engine presented by OpenGenus Foundation. You can, now, search code for any algorithm or data-structure in your favorite language even when you are not connected to the internet.

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This wonderful extension empowers you to:

OpenGenus Quark

Preview of the World's first Offline Search Engine

We are on a mission to bring the best parts of the Internet Offline, enable people to work offline for a longer period of time and revolutionize the way people interact with the web.

"We made the internet and it made us vulnerable. We fought and we won."

The best part is that the massive effort put to build this awesome search engine is open to all. Yes, we are an open-source organization and over 1000 people have become an integral part of our family in our ambitious journey. You can help us too.

Enjoy this tweet by David Heinemeier Hansson:

David Heinemeier Hansson's tweet

How can one search bubble sort if there is no internet? The solution is OpenGenus Quark.


We love new family members. We encourage you to discuss with us on how can you help us, take up and solve an issue and revolutionize the World irrespective of your experience or knowledge. We keep things simple, so, that everyone on our planet can contribute to this Offline Mission and we are, always, ready to help you out.

Over 700 people left a mark in history by becoming an OpenGenus family member. You are next.



Preview of the World's first Offline Search Engine


We believe in freedom and improvement. GNU General Public License v3.0