Ezoic Review


I use this post to track the performance of Ezoic.

First of all, Ezoic makes the website much slower. It adds one more middle layer. If a site needs to be faster, Ezoic is definitely out of scope.

Secondly, the web portal is very rough and not secure. It does not look like a company owned professional site. Documentation is also very bad. For example, there is no where we can understand the Premium program. They just charge a lot of fees. If you ask them the reason, no reason.

Revenue-wise, it does not perform better than Google Adsense. I'm guess the reason is that Ezoic makes the site much slower and hurt user experience and satisfaction.

Respecting to customer service, they reply very fast, but very often they do not really answer the questions. They are just fast.

I have been in the program for 2 months since November 2017. Will continue for several other months and make conclusion later.

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