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Simple Java
The creation of Program Creek is inspired by the saying that "Every developer should have a blog." The word "creek" is picked because of the beautiful scenes of Arkansas which is a central state of America where I studied and worked 3 years. The blog has been used as my notes to track what I have done and my learning experience. Unexpectedly, a large number of people have visited Program Creek since I wrote the first post 6 years ago. The large amount of traffic indicates a more important fact other than that my writing skill is good (which is totally the opposite): Developers like to read simple learning materials and quick solutions. By analyzing the traffic data of blog posts, I learned which ways of explaining things are preferred by developers.

Many people believe in "no diagram no talk". While visualization is a good way to understand and remember things, there are also other ways to enhance learning experience. One is by comparing different but related concepts. For example, by comparing ArrayList with LinkedList, one can better understand them and use them properly. Another way is to look at the frequently asked questions. For example, by reading "Top 10 methods for Java arrays", one can quickly remember some useful methods and use the methods used by the majority.

There are numerous blogs, books and tutorials available to learn Java. A lot of them receive large traffic from developers with a wide variety of interests. Program Creek is just one of them. This collection might be useful for two kinds of developers: first, the regular visitors of Program Creek; second, developers who want to read something in a more readable format. Repetition is key of learning any programming languages. Hopefully, this contributes another non-boring repetition for you.

Since this collection is 100% from the blog, there is no good reason to keep two versions of it. The PDF version is converted automatically from the original blog posts. Every title is linked back to the original blog. When it is clicked, it opens the original post in your browser. If you find any problem, please go to the post and leave your comment there. As it is an automatic conversion, there may be some format problem. Please leave your comment if you find one. You can also contact me by email: [email protected] Thank you for downloading this PDF!

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