Top 10 Movies for Programmers

Different areas sometimes share the same concepts. A lot of concepts of computer programming have been used in movies. Some of them are just so cool, they even help developers to understand some programming concepts. The following are my list of top 10 movies and my understanding of programming concepts they use. A collection of movies from comments are also summarized at the end.

1. The Matrix(1999)

Concepts: online/offline, recursion, loop, matrix, etc.

This movie is revolutionary. The end of one civilization is the start of another. There are some movies that are similar like this one later.


2. Loopers(2012)

Concept: Loop.


If life runs into an endless loop, how to break the loop?


3. Tron: Legacy(2010)

Many computer scientists of a certain age would agree that this movie kind of lead them into computing(or War Games).


4. Next(2007)

Concept: Recursion.

This movie uses the concept of recursion, especially in the final searching part. It is a recursive search on a tree.


5. Final Destination 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Concept: if else jump


Somebody sb = new Somebody();
} exception(e) {
     //not dead;
} finally {


6. Inception(2010)

Concept: Recursion.


7. Cloud Atlas(2012)

Concept: Parallelism.


8. Flatland 2: Sphereland (2012)

Concept: 2-dimension.


9. Source Code (2011)

Concept: Reentrancy.

I'm curious about where the source code is running. If the machine is powered off, then the other world will disappear?


10. Triangle (2009)

Concept: Dead loop.


The movies above are my favorites. There are surely others good movies for programmers. If you leave comments, I will combine them later here. It would be so great if you can mention the concept relevant to programming(e.g., recursion).

More Great Movies from Comments

Hackers (1995) Evil system admin
Office Space (1999) Virus
Wargames (1983) Back door
Tron (1982) Virtual reality
Deja Vu (2006) Problems are often seen before, but finally lead to catastrophe.
Pi (1998)
Groundhog Day (1993) Infinite Loop
Antitrust (2001)
Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) Apple and Microsoft
Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970) Supercomputer
The Social Network (2010) Social network
Ghost in the Shell (1995) Matrix
The 13th Floor (1988) Virtual reality
Moon (2009) Clone
Takedown (2000)
A Beautiful Mind (2001) Mathematics
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  • Jamilu Salisu

    Mr. Robot

  • P4

    The 13th Floor is just great! Referring more to the popular very much these days the simulation hypothesis rather than the VR and talking about VR forces me to advertise the 😀

    Is the Ghost In The Shell concept actually a movie and not a concept? Or rather matrices are the concept of computer science instead of mathematics.

    Nice lecture it was, this article. Thanks!

  • saurabh

  • saurabh


  • Daemon

    *While loop

  • Joshua Belisle

    what about “her” a drama about the birth of AI and its development? at least i find that one inspiring in my quest to create AI

  • Thanks for Sharing

  • Speedy Marsh

    More of a Do Until, with a hidden condition. (But, it sure felt like an infinite loop)

  • I’ve seen most of the movies listed here and I really like them.
    I’m gonna see the others too, I think you’ve listed nice movies for us programmers 🙂

  • Josh Watson

    Jobs was a great movie. I thought they did it rather well. Almost made me want to try to build an os from scratch…

  • Chris

    “Next” is about nondeterminism, so akin to Nondeterministic Finite State Automata, not recursion.

  • I agree, but it helped to boost my interest in CS and programming when I was young. I have watched it recently and found it an horrible movie as well, but back in 1999 it was GREAT. I made a small post about it here:

  • DannyB2

    I think that was TPS reports, if I recall correctly.

  • The Net with Sandra Bullock

  • Max Nomad

    Hackers was HORRIBLE — and I say that as a retired hacker that actually knows the hackers who served as creative consultants on that movie. The characters in the movie weren’t hackers but more like privileged Manhattanites that were a pretty good imitation of flaming gay 90s ravers (minus the Ecstasy and glow sticks).

  • io_Outlaw_io

    Ammm yeah, Office Space, ammm… one of the best 😉

  • Joss Macallan
  • azar

    I’ve seen most of them listed above. Apart from that Die Hard 4 and Sword Fish are nice hacking movies.

  • H. J. Im

    “Groundhog Day (1993)” – Infinite Loop

  • ryanlr

    What programming related concept is used?

  • Joss Macallan


  • Andy

    Martix is a decent action movie, but isn’t scientific at all. Especially part 2 and 3 are quite questionable, showing programs having emotions etc. Might be philosophical, but not related to CS. Also, there’s always the point that using cows instead of humans as “energy source” would’ve been way easier for the machines. Doesn’t take much effort to create a matrix to keep cows happy 😉

  • Xxiii

    “Deja vu”
    Concept: problems are often seen before, but finally lead to catastrophe

  • Alex Liu

    Social Society

  • macs

    I like the Matrix.

  • Felipe

    How about Takedown?

  • Oded Arbel

    you mean, why not “Tron” (1982)?

  • Chris

    Office Space: Get your TPM reports.

  • khan

    How about Antitrust

  • Ryan

    Thanks, I haven’t watch them all. What programming concepts are related?

  • Andrew Lee


    (Hackers is awesome.)

  • Channing Walton

    Blade Runner?

  • Dave

    How about “Hackers” movie?

  • PavelRudensky

    Where is “A Beautiful Mind”? Why “Tron: Legacy”?

  • Original good post. I missed only one of the list! And yes, there are some kind of relation between the movies and programming algorithms.