Traffic Impact Caused by Joining DZone MVB Program

Two weeks ago, I joined DZone Most Valuable Blogger(MVB) program. DZone is one of the top sites in Java technical area, and I personally have been a reader for several years. I fell honored to be one of the MVBs. On the MVB program page, it describes some key advantages of joining MVB, such as having more people hear your voice, increasing traffic to your own blog, etc.

I am pretty curious about this, and I think a lot of other people are curious about this too. So I will use this and ONLY this page to track the traffic changes of my blog. What I plan to do here is releasing traffic data of my blog each week. We, together, may figure out exactly how joining MVB will impact blog traffic. You can ask for more information by leaving your comments.

The week of March 25

In this week, they have 4 of my articles from my blog republished. They totally have been read about 7000 times!

The following diagram is from Google Webmaster - Impressions.


From the diagram, the impressions drop from 8000 on Monday to 6500 on Tuesday, and then 4500 on Friday.
I did have more visits coming from DZone(about 20 a day), I think the number is not large enough to be analyzed.

Previously, when Google searching those articles, my blog popped up in the first page, and some of them are even the first. Now, I use same key words, the first result is the republished article in DZone. Clearly, Google pretty much gives higher priority to websites with higher page rank. They do include the source link which point to the original article in my blog, but this does not change anything.

Having a lot of people reading my website is a good thing, but I don't care so much about my blog traffic. Since 7000 people have read my articles and I have got some comments, I feel pretty good now.

For your reference, here is a link to google policy about Syndicate

Conclusion: Join MVB and also share links.

Update: MVB is good for site.

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