Set Up CloudFlare for WordPress On 1and1

Feb 28, 2014

I was so tired of 1and1's hosting service, it is too slow. I was considering CloudFlare. CloudFlare can boost the performance of websites by caching webpages on multiple servers all over the world and doing different kinds of optimizations. You may want to integrate your website with this service like me.

I checked CloudFlare office website and tried to buy service there. But I found that 1and1 actually collaborate with CloudFlare.
If you use 1and1 hosting service, you can upgrade the plan to be "1&1 Unlimited" and then use the CloudFlare service for free. It is cheaper than buying directly from CloudFlare.

In you control panel, you can turn it on by clicking the links. So consider using 1and1 hosting service.


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  • Christopher R Souser

    I am unfortunately also a 1&1 customer and I activated the Cloudflare via 1&1 and I have seen no tangible difference. Even the website on the activation page they say to use and test to see how much faster it gets shows no improvement. I run W3TC and you can’t configure it to work in colloboration with CloudFlare on 1&1 nor configure the CloudFlare WordPress plugin on 1&1 because they don’t provide you with the API information via the 1&1 control panel. I called their so called tech Support multiple times and no one was able to help as I tried to confirm it was actually live, and one even argued with me and told me that for the so called “Performance Package” I am on on WebPageTest having a FAFFFX score was perfectly acceptable as far as he was considered.

    I am tired of 1&1 worthless performance and after repeated upgrades to my package see no performance difference on my moderate volume word press website I am going to change unless I cna get it significantly bosted. So if you have seen better results I would appreciate more detail on how you did it!