Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform developed by Varien Inc that is widely used for online businesses.

386-3867555_magento-logo-png-magento-2-logo-png-transparent – Annabel Fay  Consulting is a web hosting company specialized in WordPress based sites.

AceWordPress is a free WordPress-based content management system, developed by the author of WordPress and built by a team of developers in cooperation with the community. is a premium WordPress hosting service with the best hosting features, as well as best support.

WordPress for Enterprise

WordPress for Enterprise was developed and released by The WP Group. Its primary objective is to provide customers with the highest level of flexibility for managing and provisioning WordPress sites.

WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform, which combines an eCommerce system, marketplace and cloud services for e-commerce website builders. It is a go to for most small businesses. People are realizing the potential behind eCommerce and how users all over the world visit websites like Raise just to find the best offers.

WordPress for Small Businesses

WordPress for Small Businesses was developed by the developer of the popular eCommerce software WordPress, Alexander Olguin, and is used by over 11 million people.

iCloud Connect is a cloud service designed to facilitate iCloud synchronization between multiple devices and to help the user to save and sync data across multiple devices. The WordPress community developed a wide variety of plugins and themes. Popular plugins include: Page Builder, Visual Composer, Visual Composer Plugins, Jetpack, Jetpack Forms, Theme Options, WordPress Shortcodes, WordPress Customizer, Themes, WPMU DEV Toolkit, WP Screenshots and WPMU Customize Themes. We are confident that you will find a WordPress-powered website or blog that can satisfy your needs and you will be happy with the results.

To become a provider of cloud solutions for your web-based projects we need a lot of information about your business, how you intend to use the services and your website. The best way to know is by filling in our brief questionnaire that will answer all these questions for us.

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