Research in Software Engineering – Available Data/Artifacts

For software engineering research, there are various kinds of data available for analysis. Those are called software artifacts and they can be generated during any stage of software lifecycle, such as design, development, testing, maintenance, etc. This is the directory of artifacts available and their download addresses. I have done investigation on different kinds of open source systems, such as eclipse, alfresco, apache, etc. The listed artifacts should be available for those open source projects.

  • Source code consists of code, comments, etc. There are a lot of open source projects from sourceforge, gitbub, and In addition, UCI Source Code Data Sets has a large number(18,000) of open source Java projects.
  • Requirement documents
  • Bug reports
    Downloadable resources: Eclipse bug reports(need request to their website)
  • Commit Log,e.g., SVN, GIT, CVS
  • Release notes
  • Wiki.
  • User guide
  • Discussion Email

Please comment if you think any other artifacts should be here.

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