Struts 2 Video Tutorial – Hello World

Development Environment

Environment: Window Vista
Eclipse: Helios
JDK 1.6
Tomcat v6.0
Struts 2 2.0.11(downloadable with source code below)

Struts 2 Video Tutorial

This video is for showing how to create a Struts2 web application under eclipse from scratch. It is a easy start for newbie Struts2 programmer. It is available as 720p HD quality on youtube. The difference between this video and others is that this tutorial is a step on step guide, so it covers all possible issues under the same development environment.

The source code and jar files can be downloaded:

Possible Errors and solutions

1. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.struts2.dispatcher.FilterDispatcher
2. The requested resource (/HelloWorld/HelloWorld) is not available.

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