Eclipse SWT and JFace widgets references

If you want to develop Java Desktop application, you probably have two choices of libraries: SWT vs. Swing. Where there is pros and cons for both of them, here is a comparison between them.

Recall the role of Standard Widget Tootlkit (SWT) in eclipse platform below.

JFace is a high-level user interface(UI) widget library built upon SWT. When programming with Eclipse platform, a number of widgets will be required. This post summarizes a reference list of widgets from JFace and SWT.

SWT Widget List:


Eclipse site.

1. SWT Widgets
2. FIT and Eclipse: Developing the Extended FIT Eclipse plug-in
3. Rich clients with the SWT and JFace
4. Using Eclipse GUI outside the Eclipse Workbench

Category >> Rich Client Platform(RCP)  
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