Eclipse JDT Tutorials

JDT is supported by 3 pillars: Java Model, Search Engine, and AST. It is a handy tool for manipulating Java source code. However, the handy tool comes with a steep learning curve even for an experienced Java developer and there are just not enough proper code examples. This page summarizes the code examples for using Eclipse JDT.

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String foo = "bar";
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    Highly useful article.It is informational and might have helped many by this time. is highly in demand now,I think. Thank you for sharing it here.

  • bniyaseen

    i need a help in AStparser
    can you?
    i implementing aspect mining tool as project in my course study
    using clustering algorithm
    the data should cluster is from java code
    contain all method and for each method how many invoked or called in source
    inside which class application the called happend
    can i do this using ASTparrser?

  • Nivas

    I need JDT program to add braces for single if statements.

  • Kadir

    Thank you for your helpful article(Find all callers of a method – get all methods that call a particular method) .However , My project is written in J2SE 1.3 version and i cannot change the version because of hardware reasons.Do you have any idea or any technique for finding all callers of a method in java 1.3 version.Could you please to help me answer the following question?

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