Create a folder using a name that begins with a dot in Windows

While I was trying to install Globus in my Windows machine, I was required to create a folder with the name ".globus". When using the Windows Explorer in Windows XP, I get an error message saying "You have to enter a filename". The only solution I have come up with, is to open a command prompt (Start, Run, "CMD", OK) and enter "mkdir .globus".

Why have Microsoft this error message in the Explorer, but not in the command shell? Is there any registry hack out there to fix this, so that I am able to enter the folder name directly in the Explorer?

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This is an ancient protection built into windows explorer and dates back to the time that only DOS 8.3 filenames were available (Win 3.1) and files with just an extension were not allowed. Microsoft never bothered to remove this from the Explorer, probably because humans using the Explorer should be "protected" from accidentally creating files without a filename (i.e., only extension).

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