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What I am thinking is that there is a notepad which can be opened anywhere. I searched online and found there are several such kind of websites, among them ubernote looks very professional. It likes gmail, and have a lot of function. But what if I only want a notepad which is like a post. I input the webpage and start typing, when I use another computer I can also open it fast. I made a tool by myself, called Quick Notes.

The main feature is it's speed. If a computer is only used by one person, the user can register this computer as a private machine. Whenever, he inputs the URL, the notes opens directly, and there is no need to login. If a registered user use a public computer, it will require username and password to access his notes. This solution extremely shorten the usage process.  However, there is a big issue here. Since there is no login, it may be not secure. So the Quick Notes is designed for normal non-important information. The following is a screen shot of the Beta version. http://notes.programcreek.com

Quick Notes

Quick Notes

With this nice tool, whenever you have somthing to write down, such as a new idea, or a shopping memo, you open the page, and type in. That's it.  Very fast, very convenient. To be honest, it's my best  online notepad.

The system now uses private machine's IP address, which  may cause security issues. I haven't got any better ideas, but you can give me some suggestions.

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