The greatest theory for data analysis

A black hole is a region of space from which nothing, not even light, can escape. - Wiki

black hole

It seems that black hole has some kind of character that absorbs everything. What if we have some algorithm that can accept everything.

So is it possible that we have a black hole app which can accept various kinds of data and then throw out some patterns/useful info for us?

If various kinds of patterns are predefined for the system, then there is not any problem for this system to work. However, this will required extremely large amount of work about predefinition, and also a lot of approach to analyze the data. What I want is a black-hole-like algorithm, which can accept everything, or a large range of things. Only in this way, the data analysis job can be done once and for all.

This might be too optimistic and without out any solid theory support. So a more reasonable to have such a kind of tool that can do thing in a specific area, such as gene analysis, program code analysis, etc.

If this become true some day, of course, here might be the origin of the idea. 😉

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